How CCCOER Committees function

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Do the graphic and the spreadsheet work for you? Does it bring out the idea that having individuals serve on more than one committee promotes interaction among the committees?

One point I tried to make in Board meetings but I think got lost had to do with the role of the committee chairs. Our discussion seemed to get sidetracked into concern over the status of being a committee chair and the importance of having co-chairs of equal status.

To me, status isn't important (although I understand that I may be in the minority). What I want to emphasize is that the Primary Chair convenes the committee. The co-chairs are there for two reasons: 1) to back up the primary chair in case s/he doesn't/can't keep the committee going and 2) to ensure plenty of crosstalk among the committees. I designated each GB member as primary chair of only one committee. The President doesn't chair a committee because s/he chairs the GB. The Communications Board Member doesn't chair a committee because s/he is being asked to serve on 4 committees and that is a lot of work. The reason the Comm person is on 4 committees is to be a channel of communication from the committees to the membership.

I envision 99% of the work of CCCOER as being done by committees that draw most of their members from the wider membership, not the GB. It's time for the chairs of each committee to begin recruiting beyond the GB.


Liza Loop (talk)08:09, 2 December 2010

Liza - I don't see the graphic and/or spreadsheet? Can you post the link to it, pls?

- Randy

Wikirandy (talk)10:26, 2 December 2010