Hiding the feedback in the activity

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Wondering if the activity would benefit if the feedback were hidden. We can do this using the Feedback3 or Feedback4 templates...see example at Multiple feedback in an activity template.

Using the feedback will help simplify the appearance of the activity questions, however, in playing with it, I wasn't able to keep the autonumbering...I think we'd have to hardcode the numbering (not a big deal).

Another advantage to hiding the feedback is for users to see the potential of wikis as learning environments.

Just a thought.


ASnieckus (talk)14:43, 13 January 2011

Hi Alison,

A good question and suggestion.

The issue I'm facing at the moment is to optimise the interface between the print and online versions. While Javascript based feedback is great for the online learner - -this creates another set of problems for automating the print versions.

Shall we park this one for the time being -- but note it as an issue that must be resolved. It will require technical intervention and we'll need to chat with Jim in terms of what is doable at this time.

As a minimum requirement -- for this iteration I will need to produce a reasonably professional print version for learners who don't have access to the internet.

Its a good thought -- just not sure we have the technology or resources just yet to operationalise this in the short term.

Cheers W

Mackiwg (talk)15:18, 13 January 2011

Right, that's makes total sense. Definitely park it. In fact, having the feedback viewable means less clicking for online users (an alternate benefit).


ASnieckus (talk)16:33, 13 January 2011

Its a good idea - -we'll get this one sorted when we land a big donor grant ;-)

Its interesting -- research done in the early days of interactive-text in the distance education context revealed that it didn't make much difference where the feedback to activities was placed and the general rule of thumb suggestion was to place simulated tutor feedback in close proximity to the activity. So at least we're not disadvantaging learners with this approach.


Mackiwg (talk)16:58, 13 January 2011