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I've really enjoyed reading your page. I would love to visit Fiji someday. Wonderful busy bee picture. I have a vegetable garden, but I have trouble weeding out flowers that reseed each year (in my case cleome that have completely taken over the cucumber area), because I love watching the busy bees go from flower to flower.

Your plans for WE projects are wonderful. My sons took general chemistry 2 and 4 years ago. They both struggled to learn the electron configurations. I am excited for the day when learners can find quality materials online to help them learn what they are interested to learn.

Thanks for posting on my page to thank me (my pleasure:) and about the signature issue. Your notes back and forth with Ramesh, suggest that you solved the signature issue. It is true that the link to your user page doesn't "work" on your userpage because you are already there. Rather than linked, it is bold. But I notice that the signature on your learning contract is pointing to a mainspace page rather than a user page. This is the problem that Shinja is having (I think). Have you found the solution to this problem?

Warm Regards, Alison

ASnieckus (talk)13:00, 31 July 2010

Hi Alison,

That was quick! I posted my comment on your page this morning, and I thought that it would take long for you to reply. I was just working on my other project - the climate education curriculum - and having just learnt about the 'discussion' page, I thought to just check in case someone has left a message for me. I guess many of the workshop participants are busy bees this weekend (for us on the other side of the Deadline)!

I can imagine your sons experiences with electron configuration. It's an abstract concept. I also struggled learning it at high school and at university. It only started to make sense to me when I started teaching it at high school. And I think that because all my students are visual learners (i.e. struggled to understand abstract ideas that are explained in English), they appeared to understand better when a diagram is drawn.

Thanks for dropping by. I'll come around and leave a message in your Talk page.

Kidneast regards


Vilimaka (talk)13:34, 31 July 2010