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Rob- i have really enjoyed the course. However, i am trying to make a study guide to support by project as per the contract and not only that i want people( my teachers) to start using it.For the better part of Sunday i having being re- visiting the tutorials so to fix in some navigation template- i have put some 4 hours and i don't seem to get it. I intend to continue putting in some input.
I am requesting for your help, to fix the same. Though i am still trying it in the office -though the boss is not very amused( very addictive). Over to you



Nboruett (talk)21:59, 7 December 2009

Hi Norbert,

You are doing great, Navigation templates are not easy! I have had a play with Template:Enhancing_e_learning_nav. I changed the title link to a shorter page name called study guide. You don't have to keep the name, I just thought it would be easier to demonstrate how to do it using a shorter name. I tried to show a couple of different ways to create the links for navigating between pages. One with the Unit # as the description and one with the subpage name as a description. Once you know which way you prefer, let me know and I can convert them for you if you want.

Kruhly (talk)11:22, 9 December 2009