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Hi there, I am a fellow 'pupil' on the Learning4Content project. I am lucky enough to have had today off work - our school decided to take a mid-term break! so I have spent the day 'playing' on WikiEducator, which has been great fun, but has occupied my whole day...it is rather addictive, plus I wasn't sure when I would next get another minute to return. Anyway, down on day 9, you have to send someone else a message and comment on their user page, so here I am. My name is Jacqui and I am an Assistant principal at Papanui High School in Christchurch. I was interested to read about your many hats and interests and am very envious of your upcoming trip to Antarctica. Hopefully we will meet again somewhere in this community....happy wiki-ing Jacqui

Jland (talk)16:11, 24 August 2009
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Thanks Jacqui Nice to know that people are beginning to visit my site. If you have time and inclination, feel free to comment on my ANtarctica site with any suggestions etc. If you can use it in any way, or pass it on to someone who can, I would be keen to know. Time passes quickly on this wiki-ing I know! Cheers Trisha

Hi Trisha, Trying out our Day something or other activity - Wed I think, running late cos we have had parent interviews over the last couple of days. Anyway, would just like to say your user page looks absolutely fantastic! Well done. Hope to catch up with you soon. Enjoy talking with the class on Monday, but I won't be there! Brenda

Tkorth (talk)15:49, 25 August 2009