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Create your Wikieducator user page
Help us get to know you and your interests.

  • Type your user name after the colon:
  • Remember that your user name is case sensitive
  • A new window will open when you're done.
  • Click herePDF down.png for a print version of these instructions (198KB).

Read this before creating any personal new page:

  • Use this syntax: [[/new personal page/]]. This will create a Sub Page under your User Page.
  • Some users choose to establish profile pages. If you choose to do so, please establish it by editing your user page, and simply adding this text: [[/My profile/]]. Don't forget to save! You can then link to and edit your profile.
Mackiwg (talk)17:24, 18 February 2008

Hi Wayne, I just happened to take notice of this message since I've created my userpage. I am so grateful to be part of this community. Well as part my Day 8 activity for L4C4, I am sending you this message, by asking you a favor. On my sandbox on the user page, i have been trying to organize the layout of my images, you can see this as you scroll down my sandbox page. Can you help me out on this. Hoping to here from u. Regards, Juliet

Nullyj2008 (talk)17:18, 7 May 2008