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You may recall when we were discussing the management function of organizing ,we discussed delegation of authority. There are some aspects of this principle of management which will command our attention this time around, while re- emphasizing some of the features of it for the purpose of linkage and continuity. The principle of delegation of authority is important because without it ,Ido not see how an organization can exist. A form of business does exist without delegation. But thatis a one-man business.The owner is the managing director, board of directors and the operating executives. He is all in all and the success of failure rest upon him , of course the rate at which such business collapses is high, as it is easy to go into it so also it is easy to crash out of it .But the moment an assistant is employed and some measure of duties assigned to him, delegation is taking place because you cannot give somebody responsibility without the corresponding authority. Can you still remember this as a principle of management by Henry Fayol?,which other contributor of management theories emphasized on authority in an organization ?.you can see the importance of delegation of authority in management . Template:Objectives/ By the end of this unit, You shouldbe able to

  • Explain the nature of delegation of authority
    • List the principles of delegation of authority
      • Describe the principles of delegation of athority.
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