Greetings from Vancouver

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Hi Penehuro

Welcome!!!! I'm very pleased to see a growing number of secondary level educators joining our project. I'd really like to see the school sector collaborating more on the wiki. Looking forward to your leadership in making this happen.

From my side -- I'll do my best to connect you with like minded educators around the world.


Mackiwg (talk)14:45, 27 November 2008

Thank you for your warm welcome.At the moment we are into our second session - supposedly to write up items as contributions towards the English activities for Form 2 repeaters. However, confusion over the proper use of function keys of the wiki programme is an initial obstacle requiring mastery first so wish us luck. Regards from Tuvaluu

Penehuro (talk)15:00, 27 November 2008

Hi --

Not too worry -- pretty soon everyone will have mastered the basics. Already you are publishing to the Internet!!!!! Wishing you the best of luck --- and to confirm that you shouldn't worry about any mistakes. In the wiki world every mistake can be fixed :-)

Cheers W

Mackiwg (talk)15:24, 27 November 2008