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Hi Scott Geoffrey,

Welcome to the WikiEducator family of educators.
Wish you a New Year full of happiness, friendship, learning and teaching.

Warm regards
Anil Prasad 00:41, 24 January 2009 (UTC)

Anil Prasad (talk)12:41, 24 January 2009

Hello Anil Prasad,

Thank you for the welcome, it's nice to know that there are individuals who are aware of newcomers.

I first found WikiEducator a while back when I was exploring the idea of open education resources for a school project, but I never got around to making an account. Recently, Randy Fisher and Wayne Mackintosh gave a short talk at the University of British Columbia, where I'm studying, about OER and offered to explore the feasibility of integrating a school project with the WikiEducator website.

Several students (including myself) based around Canada are exploring the potential behind tiny eco-friendly houses and are considering designing and potentially building a prototype over the next couple of years. I'm currently exploring the various tools available on WikiEducator with a subset of our current ideas and data to see if it will provide us with usable and helpful tools and resources. If you would like to follow the project and offer insight into how MediaWiki works, and comments on the project itself, we are based at: MyHomeYourHome

What is your involvement with WikiEducator? Are you a teacher somewhere?

Thanks again for the welcome,


ScottGeoffrey (talk)08:44, 25 January 2009