Global Villagers

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Today is my reading and organizing day for research as I prepare the proposal for my dissertation.  I read a very interesting article by Yong Zhoa entitled Needed: Global Villagers.  The article talks about how the world is shrinking (Thomas Friedman--The World is Flat) and how the community has become an interconnected, interdependent village in terms of the movement of goods, information, money and people.  Schools are responsible for the creation and preparation of future citizens adding that an essential element is: "the attitudinal and ethical dispositions that make it possible to interact peacefully, respectfully and productively with fellow human beings from diverse geographies." There is much more to the article about the need for understanding this global interdependence, economics, problems, conflicts and cultures.  It was an outstanding article which makes me wonder how we can help our fellow teachers to see beyond the local "cause" and instead see how it all plays to the larger picture.  Would love to hear thoughts of others on the issues.

Deemcg (talk)05:40, 26 July 2010