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In our times, people dream to have the best job(,cs) according to their talent. Most of the time, each person tries to find a job in which they can earn (a /) good money. But in my case it would be a (passtime sp) in which we have to enjoy. my ideal job should be it that which i can grow as person and also i can sahre my knowledge and experience. teaching is a good job. (i cap)at it is one of the most important job in the life; bescause it have a big responsability with the society. teaching is the best way to give knowledge to people but it should in the correct way. if it is not happen so; students,in this case, they are going to apply what they learn in a correct way.(#)so, teaching has a big and important with society.

YEJEE (talk)00:55, 18 August 2010