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This is what I understand from these terms:
Gender equality: This is an (ideal) situation where women and men have equal opportunities. I say ideal since this is how it should be...... but can't be.
Gender norms:These are the socially correct expectations of members of each gender eg it is against the norms of men to wear earrings and cutex. It is also not the norms of women to lean against a wall and urinate... while you will find a whole grown-up man doing that without much ado!
Gender values:These are those habits that are taken to be fitting for members of either gender. eg it is a gender value that a woman should line her dress as she is sitting and a man should assist a woman (from danger) as a gender value
Gender stereotypes:These are the myths and propagandas attached to the fact of being in the respective gender. Of course they affect women more. eg it is a gender stereotype to believe that women are gossipers and possessive jealous beings (though there may be some truth in that)

Marcosmburu (talk)05:55, 8 April 2011