Gender Considerations in Youth Enterprise training

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Hi All,

In Zambia, some of the gender constraints that youth face

1. The unavailability of income or start up capital from micro financing companies or banks this especially felt by the female folk as these financing organizations ask for collateral or security which they do not have. 2. The lack of control to own finances especially for young women who are married as their husbands grab their money. 3. The triple role responsibility experienced by the women is also a hindrance to women as they are faced with more responsibilities than their male peers. 4. Lack of information and guidance from those in leadership positions. 5. Lack of freedom especially for the married women they are always being suspected of being promiscuous or unfaithfully. 6. Others are gender norms, values and stereotypes that are held by societies which disadvantage youth especially the young women. 7. Lack of confidence in the young people by their communities. 8. Lack of or inadequate trainings opportunities for the young people. 9. Early marriages and pregnancies. 10. Negative mind set or lack of confidence by the young people.

From experience, I think it would be to the advantage of the youth

• If we had more trainings in their communities because that way we would capture more youths and also help them understand that they could actually start viable business with what they have in their communities.

• Provide leadership and mentorship programmes which would also encompass behaviour change • Promote the working of men and women together so as to overcome gender stereotypes. • Encourage more young women to take up more responsibility roles in the management of finances in the family. • Encourage banks and micro financing organizations to have reduced interest rates for young people in businesses. • Government should put in place deliberate policies that boost and protect young entrepreneurs. • Have shows and markets in local communities where youths could exhibit and sell their merchandises

Mwaba (talk)01:20, 18 March 2011