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Peace through Education an article by Dr. Darleana McHenry

How do we use literacy to get children involved in the Peace process?

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I also need to say that I am 49 years old and moving toward being set in my ways. There are roughly 15 + years give or take before my government could require or mandate retirement. Like most people I have had my time of things and I will state again and again that I am not perfect nor do I wish to be. What I do learn I choose to learn as independently as possible .. that is a preference and not an insult ..

I understand myself these days better and with that understanding comes patience towards myself and forgiveness and that can extend outwards .. however, I also recoil from being hurt and that is nothing unique about me - others do the same .. I am not unique just trying to pull myself out of troubles that are of my own creation .. and I can create a few .. how about you? I am 100% human and make a lot of mistakes; but I can live with mistakes and I am not afraid of them or making them .. and I love to learn (independently) .. I am also quite too opinionated .. sometimes and other times I don't speak up at all until its too late .. live and let live is a great motto .. as well as a day at a time .. and I am not here for a popularity contest; as I would lose any contest to someone else who is more popular ... smiling .. or to impress, because I am not impressive at all .. just plain Jennie .. I leave impressiveness to others.. I am just an average person and not special ..

Everyone please do have a wonderful Christmas Holiday .. and a safe one .. that goes for Miss Nellie also ..


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