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Hi, Am Phillip Samani from Solomon Islands. We have just completed our L4C workshop yesterday. It was great! Although it was a beginners L4C workshop, I learned a lot. It was just fantastic. There are only two queries:

  1. Is there any other workshop coming up again? I'd like to learn more on L4C apart from my self navigation on the wikieducator site.
  2. Is there any other way we can editing the type of text on our page(s).

Phillip Samani Solomon Islands

PSamani (talk)14:21, 21 February 2008

Hi Phillip - I'm --Randy Fisher 19:01, 23 February 2008 (UTC) and am jumping in for Wayne here...

The short answer to Q1. is Yes! - Another L4C workshop is starting up on Monday - you could join that....Also, now as you are practicing your wiki skills...when you feel comfortable, you may also want to help some of the Newbies! We actually want to encourage this...because we've found that people 'catch on' more quickly when they connect with other community users.

Regarding Q2. I'm not sure I understand it...can you clarify please?

Wikirandy (talk)07:01, 24 February 2008