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Thank You for your thoughts. The evaluation assignment is a really interesting problem. One way to do so is random assignment which is straightforward and gives a solution to most challenges in MOOC's. An alternate approach is a karma system where instead of assigning evaluations, learners are free to evaluate whomever they want to. But, there would be an algorithm where, say they get more "karma points" for the first few evaluations which they evaluate. A simple mockup for selecting submissions to evaluate based on this.Also, they get more points for evaluating those submissions which have least evaluations till now. There can be a system in place where their "karma points" is reduced if they are evaluating the same person for different activities suggesting that they are evaluating their friends. Although, this approach would need serious thought but will help in not only judging the credibility of the assignment but also calibrating them and making them more accurate. Further, if these points could be carried forward across courses it would open more opportunities.

Akash Agarwal (talk)02:23, 21 May 2014