Feedback on Agreement to promote Creative Commons Licensing in Schools

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As a teacher educator in one of New Zealand's leading Universities, the University of Canterbury, I am delighted to see this document. I would also encourage its wider application to other educational organisations, including my own! However, I don't want to distract the current process that is underway with that consideration so to answer the questions as put:

* Does the draft agreement address the needs of all parties (learners, BOTs, Teachers)? Yes I think so but I am not and expert in these aspect.
* Is the agreement clear? Appears to be clear to me.
* Should New Zealand promote sharing of teaching materials? Definitely Yes!
* Any suggestions for improvement? None that strike me at present, except for extending beyond schools.
* What are the next steps? This and wider consultation and then raising awareness. Include providers preservice teacher education and professional development. Generating good examples and useful content that is adopted and adapted with good effect.
* Other thoughts? It is really good that the Ministry of Education is also moving in the same direction with its copyright - that is an essential part of the strategy. I am hoping that in future we may also include the students' work where they too are educated the how and why of producing educational resources, but teachers first is good!

Thanks for asking for input

Niki Davis

Professornikidavis (talk)14:52, 28 May 2010