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Bronwyn, this looks great - a few suggestions below.

Format / structure:

Suggest 1 level of headings lower to avoid HRs on page - level 1 is normally for the full page title, so I suggest using level 2 if you want to repeat the page title (as here) then level 3 and 4 for headings below that. Yes have addressed that - looks much better thank you!

Then, 'References' should be same as other headings I think - ie level 3

Consider re-ordering sections - eg cover reflection before reflective practice since latter's definition depends on the former (I think!) I added a sentence to make it clearer why I have started with RP - hope this explains my stance.


Put key action verb at beginning and bold - eg 'Develop a reflective case study using …'). Break up into discrete tasks and steps - is bullet 3 part of bullet 2? External video - is this essential or an extra? In general, maybe this is meant to be a reference page so activities might not be appropriate? Eg they could be given on pages which want to reference this page as part of an activity.

I have re-arranged and re-worded as you suggest Paul. I am going to leave the activities because I am using them to guide the reader to engage with this topic, hopefully, so they have a better understanding before they do whatever they are asked to do for specific courses and topics which will have activities in a different context. For example, by presenting Moon's definition of reflection and asking them to compare it with mine, I am helping them to develop a definition for themselves. Does it work do you think?


Suggest Use 'me' not 'this author' to make more personal? Yes had I am me previously, will change back - thanks.

Split out quotes consistently with indents - thanks - have done this and used italics consistently also.


Personally, I'd avoid images of mirrors since they suggest another form of reflection - looking at own external image. Photos of people might add a human dimension. I like the ball cos there is stuff in it when you look deeply, but yes adding a human could be good - will have a look.

If using a wordle, perhaps make it bit bigger - some bits are hard to read. Maybe a (venn?) diagram of the concepts? Or just a summary at the end? Might use PPT as you suggested for diagrams.

Make all headings questions for consistency? Or just the term (since some are not just definitions) Have changed some and left others, e.g., definitions, frameworks.


Need to explain 'critical thinking'? (in critical reflection section) coming soon. :)

'critical self-reflection' is mentioned in graduate profile - may need to acknowledge and/or explain this? (but you do mention 'self-awareness' and 'self-evaluation') - yes need a bit more on these concepts. Coming soon. :) 'You need to choose one which suits your learning style and context.' Why - is this an activity (see above)? Does this need to be linked explicitly to the assessment? Yes I could mention the eportfolio assessment here. Done!

Pleft (talk)17:13, 3 May 2013

Hi Paul my responses in italics. Bron

Bronwyn Hegarty (talk)15:57, 8 May 2013