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Dear Anil Prasad
I would like to see your write up on the India Page Featured WikiEducator column. I sent you a mail saying this, which you have not yet replied. I would love to do the write up myself but am not sure about all your numerous contributions. Please do the needful. Hats off to all you are doing at WikiEducator. Regards. Gita Gita Mathur 12:11, 15 February 2009 (UTC)

Gita Mathur (talk)00:11, 16 February 2009

Hi dear Gita ji,

First of all thank you for your kind consideration towards me.

Definitely, any member of our community can feature any other member based on the common criteria given on the feature page ie India/Featured_user .

And also we have to keep a strict discipline in this matter, that is, there shall not be any self featuring. If X wants to feature Y, it should be prepared by X himself/herself. It is never been a military like enforcement of discipline, but a self regulatory mechanism that can create strong bonds in the community - that is, study and write about a fellow member. To feature a person the person who intends to write the feature can make use of the following:

  • First hand information through direct interaction
  • Form the information available on the user page
  • Evaluating the content contributions of the person to be featured
  • Through a perfect exploitation of the wikimedia feature to list contributions following the link '''http://www.wikieducator.org/Special:Contributions/User Name'''
  • Through evaluating the contributions and involvement in facilitating creative discussions on the different WE online groups.
  • Involvement in organizing events to popularize the use of WE etc etc

The above process will also facilitate a review of many content pages by feature writers, therefore, the project will also be got benefited <smile>.

Warm regads
Anil Prasad 05:22, 27 February 2009 (UTC)

Anil Prasad (talk)17:22, 27 February 2009