Evaluation plan feedback

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Hello Katie and Lisa Your evaluation plan is looking very good and you are not far from completing it. You may not think so when you see my feedback, but there is only a bit of extra detail and re-arrangement needed. I have given you some 'serious' feedback about your survey questions - it will be necessary to have several survey questions under some of the sub-questions and none at all under the others as I think they are more appropriately answered by interview.

I would like to see some likert-type scales used so you can get some specific and focused quantitative data as well as qualitative responses to open questions. You have mismatched some of the survey and sub-questions as you will see in the feedback so either change the big picture questions/sub-questions or make the survey questions more relevant.

are you wanting to find out about how staff prefer to learn about elearning and also about what is actually available in the way of PD, and what motivates them to access it? Once you see my feedback you will know what I mean. --Bronwynh 23:20, 28 September 2010 (UTC)

Bronwynh (talk)12:20, 29 September 2010