Epistomology rant

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Wonderful, thanks. Over the years, I've wondered about some of your points, and frankly didn't "know" that the study of the ways we "know" is called epistomology. Thanks for broadening my horizons. Some other thoughts on knowing:

  • I've often thought how wrong-headed it is that the educational system decides what is worth knowing (as occurs in the US, but likely also in many other locations around the world).
  • Teachers need to be much less about teaching, when defined as "causing to know," and much more about creating an environment for learning, such that ALL learners can be "successful." And as you say, we need to look to the unorthodox in our efforts to grow this kind of space.

Warm regards.

ASnieckus (talk)09:00, 24 August 2009

I think that we are on the same wave length, even though our backgrounds differ so we express them differently

Philbartle (talk)04:39, 25 August 2009