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Shall we standardise on "or" for words like "colour"? (for .us readers).

Ktucker (talk)02:28, 26 June 2008

I think we should. Added to the style guide.

Sgurell (talk)03:09, 26 June 2008


Should we permit incomplete sentences?

e.g. "Over 250 links, with updates on OCW and wiki sites. License varies." (See "Learning Objects.net" on this page).

Ktucker (talk)04:36, 26 June 2008

The repository sections are the only place (to my knowledge) that has incomplete sentences. I felt that it wasn't too distracting and that it was in line with the sort of definitional style of the repository listings. However, if you feel it is distracting, then they can be changed.

Sgurell (talk)05:00, 26 June 2008

No, not distracting at all.

Ktucker (talk)10:15, 26 June 2008