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mmmm Speaking personally, I'm sure that I'm too comfortable with the Chalk board as a universal symbol for education. A couple of concerns:

  • I worry about trying to find a universal symbol because these can mean different things to different people depending on culture. A good example is the owl -- in some Western cultures the owl is a symbol of wisdom, where in other cultures the owl is a symbol of death. So in the absence of a truly universal symbol -- like the globe, I'm always weary of trying to find a representative symbol and prefer abstract representations.
  • I;m also concerned about the possible connotations of the "chalk board" with dated conventions and thoughts about teaching. Eg content centric or teacher centric education, discounting the potential of emerging forms of education which may be different from the conventional notion of the school etc.

I really like the term "share-learn" --- wow -- this will be a great spring board for discussion and thinking about education, OER, Libre knowledge etc.

Mackiwg (talk)13:02, 7 September 2009