Does the technology destroy the uniqueness of indigenous creativity?

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Trinidad & Tobago

We are probably all in agreement that technology has created avenues to share the end products of our respective creative genius in the Caribbean. It introduced the world to Bob Marley and the sounds of reggae in Jamaica Reggae Theme  and to zouk vibrations of Dominica, St. Lucia  or the French Antilles (Martinique & Guadelope) Zouk Sensations  and of course the pulsating rythms of Trinidad & Tobago's Soca, Calypso and Steelband Trinbago Carnival

However I've recently spoken to some artisans who rue the effect of lasers and multi-copies and music sampling on the music and sculpture and designs of the present artists and artistes. The "mas" (for it was Carnival that instigated the position) seems to have lost its soul they claim, the music seems less enduring than the rythms of the past and the designers seem now to lack the level of artistry or original inventiveness that asserted itself on costuming and sculptures of long ago. I agree with some of what they observe...but I disagree with the technologisation (is that even a word? lol) of the art being responsible for its spasms of soul-lessness or inventive creativity. Surely I'm right....or am I? tell me what do you think?

Pipe Dreams

Anmafran (talk)04:28, 18 February 2010