Does HIV and AIDS affect the ability of the individual to work?

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Hi Victor, This is quit a controversial issue. Allow me to quote an old adage that says "A healthy nation is a wealthy nation." end quote Without doubt good health is an important aspect of wealth creation(work). Healthy individuals are able to work longer hours compared to their less healthy counterparts. This is true not only concerning HIV/AIDS but with all other diseases. However, may I be quick to state that this is not to mean that people living with HIV/AIDS cannot/should not work.

In Africa alone, the effects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic are there for all of us to see. Nations are being robed of energetic and productive youth. Our message should therefore be to encourage young people to protect themselves from acquiring the deadly virus, while encouraging those that are already infected to live positive lives. Be-The-Best!

Susiku Nasinda (talk)01:07, 15 March 2011

off course Susiku, this is indeed a controversial issue but nonetheless worthy of discussion. I am intentionally not commenting at this moment of the content of submissions because we want to hear all sides of the arguments. Wonderful comments though.

Class, send through more views.

Victor.mensah (talk)02:22, 15 March 2011


I agree that a healthy nation is a wealthy nation. Of course your contribution is valid

Marcosmburu (talk)22:42, 16 March 2011