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Ed, you're right I can see that this can be confusing. Let me take a look and see if we can tighten up the language to avoide the ambiguity.


Mackiwg (talk)21:57, 21 November 2007

Hey Wayne,

How about copying the text and image from Unit 8, which I think is very clear and straightforward, viz.:

We need an image, diagram or chart.
Specifications: We need a screen shot of the tabs, showing the location of the "discussion" tab at the top of every page

The discussion tab (sometimes called the Talk Page) is an essential part of the WikiEducator environment and can be found at the top of every page. Every content page in WikiEducator has a corresponding discussion page. This space can be used to leave notes or start discussions about the page you are viewing. Talk pages provide a space for editors to discuss changes and make suggestions about the associated page. The talk page is the same as any page on the wiki and accepts all the wiki syntax and editing that other pages do.

When you raise this issue in Unit 8, you can introduce it with a phrase something like this:

In the previous unit/tutorial, we introduced the discussion feature. You will recall that . . .

Just a suggestion.

Ed Du Vivier (talk)21:57, 21 November 2007