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This is on a slight tangent...

If the intention of this page is to be used as a boilerplate then all the other information on it should be removed or placed in tags. The intent of a boilerplate is to be used with the {{subst:}} function which works just like template wiki syntax (including the use of inclusion tags inside the boilerplate), but instead takes all of the content and literally places or substitutes it into the page you want it in.

If you want it to be used as an inputbox preload, than nothing but exactly what you want in the content page should be in the boilerplate. Inclusion tags do not work with the inputbox extension, unfortunately, so that is not a solution.

My suggestion is that all of your rationale should be a part of the policy, or at this stage, the policy draft. This includes the resources and examples and such. If that sort of information is already in there, then I think the redundancy is unecessary. So in relation to this conversation, I agree that the nav box shouldn't go in the main page, but you could put it in the header of the talk page. That's what I did with the inputbox preload for the style guideline suggestions.

Jesse Groppi (talk)10:19, 4 August 2009


Thanks for your explanations (here and in the discussion on the proposed boilerplate style guide page). As you probably guessed, I didn't understand the prior discussions at the boilerplate style guide page on how a boilerplate can be used. I appreciate your taking the time to explain in more detail. I like the idea of putting the navigator and also some of the supporting info in the header on the talk page.

ASnieckus (talk)12:22, 6 August 2009

I'm glad I could help. You guys are doing a great job getting this policy set up!

Jesse Groppi (talk)12:54, 6 August 2009

Thanks. We've set some pretty tight deadlines for ourselves, so things are moving along.

ASnieckus (talk)14:07, 6 August 2009