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Hi Alison,

Having the boilerplate the Help:Namespace as a community resource is the right place in the wiki -- In its new location, I agree that the navigation template doesn't make sense anymore more on this page. I vote for deleting the navigation template on the top of the page.

We can also create an input box which will preload the boilerplate headings (with shortened version of the instructions -- and tips). We could lauch the input box from both the Boilerplate page in the help section and the policy page for workgroups. This will help folk get started and promote consistency across Workgroup charters.

Haven't checked yet -- did you Move the page (which keeps other pages which were linking to the Charter Boiler plate in tact with the move.) -- if not, well need to check the other workgroups who may have linked to this page and rectify the links.)

Under the references section I propose that for historical reasons -- we provide a link to the charter for developing the resource.

Looking good so far!

Mackiwg (talk)11:56, 1 August 2009

"We can also create an input box which will preload..."

The input box idea to preload the charter boilerplate is a good idea. I saw the discussion on this in the proposed boilerplate style guide. Maybe the creation of the inputbox will be a job for WE Workgroups once we've completed everything currently on our plate.

"...did you Move the page..."

I did *Move* the page and revised the more important links, e.g., in the Workgroup guidelines, to go directly to the help page. As you know I don't have much experience working in wikis (only the 1000 edits I've done here on WE; seems like a lot, but I still have a pretty narrow wiki-editing skillset and incomplete wiki concept map). I had to muster up some courage :P

"...provide a link to the charter for developing the resource."

I had been thinking to create a statement of some sort to note that this boilerplate was created and is maintained by WE Workgroups. I'll put something in.

Yeah, I'm pretty happy with the result. The use of the boilerplate in the two workgroup start-ups provided great feedback.

ASnieckus (talk)13:40, 1 August 2009

Hi Alison,

We've been very fortunate in having at least three workgroups to trial the charter -- a great model for developing process guidelines.

I'm pretty impressed with your wiki skills --- 1000 edits represents a considerable amount of time and effort in WE. Yeah -- we'll look at the input box with preload text once we have the other stuff done. Its not too hard to set up -- perhaps I'll get a little free time over the weekend to take a peek at this :-)

Cheers Wayne

Mackiwg (talk)14:30, 1 August 2009