Defining Rights and Decent Work

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Code of ethics are those basic principles that guide the practice of youth development, which should be strictly adhered to. These include responsibility, fairness, honesty, ability to resolve confilct, there should be boundaries etc. Power and Influence of young people: These are the core characteristics of young people that identify them as being energetic, active, creative and ready to accept responsibility and change

--Luckyluka 12:24, 16 February 2011 (UTC)

Luckyluka (talk)00:38, 17 February 2011

I agree with you that power and influence among the youth is brought about by the youth being energetic and active. It is also worth noting that youth have a lot of power from their demographic strength. They have the capacity to influence each other , positively and negatively, since they are faced with similar challenges and can relate much better with other youths.

Marcosmburu (talk)06:06, 5 April 2011