Defining Rights and Decent Work

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Rights are variously construed as legal, social, or moral freedoms to act or refrain from acting, or entitlements to be acted upon or not acted upon, while decent Work refers to opportunities for women and men to obtain work in conditions of freedom, equity, security and human dignity.

Greg daka (talk)21:15, 16 February 2011

Hi Gregory! Powerful contributions. Now cite some of the civil rights and docuemtns that address youth rights.

Also attend to issues of Ethics and Code of Conduct in youth development practice, as well as young people's influence and power.

What are your views?

Let us continue discussing.

Tandeo2011 (talk)03:10, 17 February 2011

Hi Greg Daka
Would you agree that the rights of the youth are violated by not engaging them in decision making? More often we assume we know what is good for the youth and so we decide for them. Recognising the potentials of the youth and involving them in decision making would elicit their cooperation in programmes that will harness their potentials. What do you think?

Pkakorsu (talk)08:53, 17 April 2011