Database of OER resource persons in India

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 There is urgent need of consolidating the contact details of OER Resource Persons in India. Please give your Contact Number, Email id and  two line brief of your qualifications and work in the field of OER specifically mentioing the expertise in trainng and development. You may fill in the details below.[edit]

Name of the Expert witht designation                         Educational Qualifications                       Expertise                                                                    Contact Number                        Email id

Pramodkumartk (talk)22:22, 11 February 2012

Ravi Limaye Competencies in Open Source ( Moodle, Wikieducator, Wordpress , eXe) presently doing M Tech from NITTTR, Bhopal

Ravi limaye (talk)06:48, 16 February 2012

Competencies in Open Source (Wikieducator,Moodle,Wikis),Experienced in giving online classes to teach WE skills and web 2.0( including blogs ,Social media and virtual classrooms).Balqis Thaahaveettil

Balqis Thaahaveettil (talk)10:42, 18 February 2012

 Thanks . I have created a new page for the R.Ps in Please update your details

Pramodkumartk (talk)21:48, 4 March 2012