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Copied from my July 29 email and then Irwin's answer:

Gail: I have a few suggestions about some of the course objectives (which I'm used to calling "learning outcomes" since they are written from the student's point of view) I saw in the blueprint:

After successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

   -Identify and describe the elements and principles of art. (delete identify since it is assumed once you start describing...we usually go with higher order outcome and avoid 2 verbs in one sentence)
  - Explain in writing the role and effect of the visual arts in societies, history, and other world cultures. (delete "in writing" since it is assumed in most courses. Mention exceptions such as "oral presentation" or video.
   -Articulate in writing the themes and issues that artists examine in their work. (replace "articulate in writing" with "explain" or "discuss")
   -Identify the processes and materials involved in art production. (Do they only have to identify processes without having to be able to describe them?)
  - Utilize information to locate, evaluate, effectively use and communicate information about visual art in its various forms. (start at "locate")
  - Participate in diverse learning environments, including collaborative group projects and online forums, to analyze and evaluate different artistic issues and perspectives. (Analyze and evaluate different artistic issues and perspectives....keep generic and don't mention how since various modalities will involve different degrees of collaboration)

I've only included those outcomes that I have wording suggestions for...others seem okay to me. I know these can be revisited when the actual assessments are finalized to ensure outcomes and assessments are in alignment.

Irwin: I agree the LO's need some work and also agree it best to get everything up there and then see how it all lines up. Also that might be a good time to get a SME involved as well. You could always use the discussion pages on the relevant pages if you want to add comments such as this - it leaves a record of our conversations and decisions.

Gmorong (talk)12:28, 1 August 2012