Couple the Libre Puro emblem with the release of the Libre Puro licence

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So far, there has not been enough of a community around the Libre Puro License to make this worthwile. One option is to just do it and perhaps a community will grow. This would require some legal minds to apply themselves to the licence and ensure that it is not flawed. I have assumed that basing on the BSD licences is a good place to start (the simplest that could possibly work). The main reason to wait and release both at the same time is that all the CC licences require attribution. Libre Puro need not and we need a licence which does not. The closest we have had is the retired ShareAlike 1.0. Suggestions to reinstate it have not been supported (e.g. in 4.0 with a mockup).

Discussion points:

  • Are there any other libre licences out there which do not require attribution?
  • The copyleft issue - the LPL is a copyleft licence.
  • ...
KTucker (talk)10:58, 16 August 2013