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Trying new ways to get WE collaboration AND to address the findings in Randy's report about identifying content by level for adoption. Everyone can write reviews of any resources - in WikiEducator and elsewhere.

For content reviews, there needs to be a couple of minor changes to the ContentInforbox template. I took the liberty of making them.

Categories - include information about the field as well as the value - this will help group content and content reviews by Level, Subject, etc. It also indicates that these categories were generated by the ContentInfobox template.


  • change the template so there isn't a big space above it on the display page.
  • link all the field identifiers to the description of the field and suggested values. Should these link to the descriptions in the template? Or should there be a Help page for this?
  • are there instructions for creating a page that lists all pages with either a particular category or family of categories? e.g., Subject:Science
Vtaylor (talk)00:42, 1 November 2009