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Having had the opportunity to use the Wikieducator project, we believe everything life does have elements that contributes to the pros and cons features. Just like we have good and bad traits in human beings, systems that are created by human beings will always have positive and negative features.

In the same line, wikieducator does constitute a few disadvantages. Wikieducator as any wiki is a web based document which means that whatever we load as information into the wiki editing pages can be accessed by other people. If you want to be selective about who will use your information then it would not be a good idea to put it onto a wiki.

The wiki skills conferred are not the only parameters required for collaborative development of open educational resources. To be able to use wikieducator effectively, the ability to work in a group is also important. Some people may be more apt to do some tasks on the wiki than others for example a particular person may be more well versed with the writing-up of an article while another may be more at ease with the formatting of the article on the wiki. If wikieducator is to be used for a collaborative group project like this report on wikieducator, then the whole group will have to bear the results of other people inadaptability to the system. So it is important to learn how to organize group work effectively.

It is common practice for students having an assignment to do not work out their fair share of work. When that person has access to work compiled by his/her peers, it may be easy for them to copy the ideas and take the credit for the work they didn’t really do. So how can original work be really recognized for what it is by an educator?

There is no guarantee that everything will always be perfect. Technical faults to technology driven systems are bound to occur at any point in time and therefore losing connection to the web is an element that can occur anytime and anywhere. Since Wiki is web based driven platform, if you can’t connect to the web, then you can’t access the wiki, and therefore, you can’t access the work.

Qualities issues of open educational materials can sometimes be cause for concern. Most better educational materials

Vroopun (talk)01:36, 8 June 2008

Wonderful work. I'm very happy with the research accomplished for writing this article and it seems you have been able to grasp the project and the links with the different theoretical concepts at hand.

Sandhya (talk)22:44, 4 August 2008