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  • Under 'General Guidelines'

Keep a Time Log - track your hours worked with dates and times, functions performed AND Achievements / Results (this should get them thinking in terms of results or outputs)

  • Also, somewhere at the end of the projects you should have an evaluation ~ for reporting purposes, but also to improve the program, and further engage the students. This evaluation would need to be developed ~ perhaps you can do so, on the wiki ~ we did so, and then turned it into a regular Survey Monkey survey.
  • CSA Recognition page, or emblem ~ you can get that for general CSA, and specifically with WikiEducator.

Also projects through WikiEducator ~ there are many more than meet the eye...if there is significant demand, we can have the students fill out a short questionnaire, and that can be routed to the Community Service Volunteer, to suggest a match. ...from someone who knows many of the things and needs happening in the Community...

WE can also develop its Wishlist....and have a feed that goes into that area that you have on your site/ page. How many students are we talking about here, over what period of time?

Also, if you can insert a direct link to wikieducator - - so that students may take a look at it, and the actual projects page....WE can help facilitate the connections too...

Wikirandy (talk)10:50, 22 July 2008


  • I like the AND Achievements / Results
  • The evaluation is "quiz" within the Moodle course, but I can place a copy on a linked page
  • CSA - what's this?
  • It would be nice to grow to have to direct volunteer traffic
  • My students do just six hours of community service learning work over 1-2 weeks as it is currently defined
  • I'm taking some small steps to get started. While it would be nice to have students get the big picture on WE, this is pretty confusing as it is. When all projects are within WE, then we can really spend time on promoting the WE work.
Vtaylor (talk)13:10, 22 July 2008