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Hi Kim,

That's a good point -- Legally all donations are channelled through the OERF as the legal entity responsible for raising funds to support WikiEducator. All donations sourced from the WikiEducator website must be applied to WikiEducator activities -- eg technology infrastructure, free training for educators, commissioned OER work (eg additional tutorials, free textbooks hosted on WE etc.)

Individuals and organisations joining the OERF as contributing members will be supporting wider range of activities, namely value-added consulting services to assist organisations achieve their objectives using OER, launching projects like WikiResearcher etc.

In this way we provide a clear distinction with reference to the use of funds --- this will be clearly indicated on the donation page before a donation is processed.

Afterthought: I'll add this query to the FAQs -- its important for donors to know this.

Mackiwg (talk)10:22, 31 May 2010