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A few thoughts (based on the File:OCL4ED Reasonable practice survey.pdf) for next time:

Regarding the survey:

q. 12.[edit]

"Learning materials should be free for all learners of the world."

Ambiguous (some respondents will interpret the question one way, others another).

?"All" or "Some"? If "some", which types on which media?

e.g. learning materials whose development costs have been covered (e.g. via the salaries of educators and public institutional overheads).

In this case the "free" clearly means "gratis" (right?).

The wording portrays a wonderful ideal with which most people would agree.


Why would anyone do 15 (copy) if not to do 16 (redistribute)?


Why use contradictory wording?

e.g. you could have said

"16. It is fair and reasonable for educators to have permission to redistribute materials for teaching and learning contexts."

(i.e. the permission is not "unrestricted", it is restricted to "teaching and learning contexts")


Ambiguous for anyone who intends to use different licenses according to context.

i.e. "I am happy to share my creative works and the content I generate ONLY if ..."

The response to almost any question starting in this way (18-21) would have to be "disagree" or "strongly disagree".



e.g. depends on how one reads the question (note emphasis):

  • "strongly disagree" - _I_ usually work with others, my knowledge always comes from somewhere, and I would not necessarily want to be attributed as the original creator. (but I "strongly agree" that the deserving original author be attributed).
  • _and_ - "agree" for my creative works but "disagree" for the content I generate. Applying _and_ my response has to be "disagree" or "strongly disagree".


"I am happy to share my creative works and the content I generate ONLY if others are not allowed to make money from my creations."

The wording surfaces notions of "ownership" of "intellectual property" and "control" in how people use "my" works and misses the point of the Creative Commons licenses (liberating culture).

q22 and q23[edit]

These are mutually exclusive (due to "ONLY" in 22) and complimentary. Interesting that we get 71% agreeing with 22 and only 42% disagreeing with 23?

q25 - q28.[edit]


The word applies in q.25 and possibly q.28 but not in 26-27.

e.g. change q26 and q27 to read:

"I don't share my teaching materials or creative works BECAUSE ..."

i.e. it is not that I am "reluctant" to do so, I just don't because ... (I don't have time, etc.).


In the results file: does this summarise all the "Further comments and suggestions"?

KTucker (talk)21:54, 26 April 2011