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I would love to have some help to make this chapter really great. I think the topics are really important and central to Education for a Digital World.

  • Rick Lavin said ... Hi Valerie. I'm interested in helping out. Of the topics in the chapter, I'm most interested in personal learning environments using blogs, wikis, microblogs, and so on, particularly in technologically underserved areas, and particularly from a blended learning perspective. I know little about learning objects. If I could take a look at the chapter and give feedback on organising it, along with some additions as necessary, perhaps you could then seek additional help if needed.
    VT: Great! Your comment is a good starting point. Please take a look at the chapter in its current form.,_personal_learning_environments,_study_guides
    What do you think it needs to represent a collaborative effort that you want to put your name on? How would you like to proceed?
    I prefer email ... rather than facebook messages. Or discussion on the wikipage. What's your email address?
    What's your timeframe and availability? Where are you? What time zone? Sandy needs this turned-around pretty quickly as it needs to be reviewed. I'll forward the original review document.
    Looking forward to this. Thanks!
  • Nellie said ... I also started something, then stopped because of my dissertation, but I would like to have my name up. I have time right now but my topic is not so relevant anymore. I have been involved very heavily in creating and researching learning objects in the past. Let me take a ook and see how I can be of help. I love collaborating so this is great.
    VT: Did you see Rick's note? Looks like he is more interested in the PLE side. So if you want to work on the learning objects part that would be great.

This sounds good.

What do you think is needed?

What would you like to contribute? How would you like to work "collaboratively"? What do you want / need from me?

What is your availability? When do you think we could wrap this up?

--Valerie Taylor 15:52, 7 December 2010 (UTC)

Vtaylor (talk)03:52, 8 December 2010