Closing Reflection

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I agree with Jane's points. Just thought I'd post to re-open this thread.

Thoughts on this?


ASnieckus (talk)11:05, 10 December 2011

Thanks Alison,

In a course which is designed to accommodate hundreds of participants - -running discussion forums is not practical. Its near impossible for a single facilitator to realistically moderate a discussion of +500 participants. Also, from prior experience, when running a forum folk complain about the volume of email.

Perhaps we can insert a micro-blog reflection on what folk think and feel.

Jane is correct in pointing our that CC is still copyright. Perhaps we should qualify the statement along the following lines:

Fortunately, in a digital world, Creative Commons provides the legal tools for education institutions to restore some of the balance by granting permissions and freedom to create new knowledge with fewer restrictions."
Mackiwg (talk)11:41, 10 December 2011

RE: "Fortunately, in a digital world, Creative Commons provides..."

Wayne, I think your wording revision takes care of the issue. I've revised as you suggested.

RE: "Copyright law was expressly introduced to limit the rights of the controllers and distributors of knowledge. Yet, these controllers are successfully turning a “copy” right into a property right. The traditional rights of learning institutions are being taken away. The balance for researchers should be restored. Research and learning must be allowed the broad interpretation that was intended in the original laws."

I do think a micro-blog reflection would be better than telling people prescriptively what to think about this. I checked and there are only 2 other micro-blog reflections in "Copyright for Educators" so adding one more doesn't seem like overload.
What about moving the paragraph in question to a direct quote by Rory McGreal (from my reading, he is the author), conclude with the bit about Creative Commons and then ask people what they think about copy right using the micro-blog reflection standard--I've put in some questions, please help improve them:
Share with us your thoughts about the development of copyright. (Post your contribution on image:Identica_Icon.png and include the hash tag "#OCL4Ed" in your post, for example: "In my opinion .... #OCL4Ed."):
  • Do you believe the right of an author to "own" his/her creative work is a property right?
  • Should the rights of authors to "own" their creative works supercede that of research and learning, especially in light of the internet's broad use as an educational tool?
  • another question here?


ASnieckus (talk)10:33, 12 December 2011

Hi Alison,

Agreed on all your suggestions. I would like to see a Micro-blog reflection added here.

Yes Rory was the author and there is also a published article reference here:

Go for it!

Mackiwg (talk)11:42, 12 December 2011

I revised the section to include the quoted conclusion with a micro-blog reflection following, to encourage discussion of individual opinions. I think that takes care of this issue, although always open for further improvements.


ASnieckus (talk)14:33, 14 December 2011

Hi Alison,

Thanks for that. It definitely adds value and provides a richer learning experience. I must remember to include the relevant links to this activity in the workshop schedule for #OCL4Ed.

A big thank you for your volunteer efforts to help improve the quality of these materials. Thank you so much!

Mackiwg (talk)15:15, 14 December 2011

Hi Wayne,

I am happy to help (and have learned a lot along the way).

Let me know if you would like help getting the course materials set up for the upcoming #OCL4Ed workshop.


ASnieckus (talk)08:19, 16 December 2011

Apology for the tardy response -

Only a little more tidying up to do on the course portal page - eg including the new microblog activity on the history of Copyright, and corresponding updates on the course schedule page and missing bits for Day 5.

I'll tackle this in the new year. If you like, and have a little time -- you're most welcome to join us as a co-facilitator and join in the #OCL4ED stream. With all your edits on the #OCL4Ed course, you are one of the most knowledgeable folk to help learners find their way around the materials :-)


Mackiwg (talk)12:38, 22 December 2011

Hi Wayne,

Yes, I'd be happy to serve as a co-facilitator, in particular helping people with the materials and being generally encouraging. It's a good opportunity for me to continue my learning about copyright.

Also, I'm happy to help with getting things set up. Just let me know what tasks are on the to do list...


ASnieckus (talk)03:54, 27 December 2011