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Agricultural Child labour is a common form in Zambia according to Child Policy of 2006, The statistical survey conducted by ILO statistical information and Monitoring Programme on Child Labour in 2001 estimated 600,000 childrren that are economically active and that 87% of these children were where found in agricultural related occupations and mostly liveed in rural areas als that t5he majority of the working children 97% were working as unpaid family workers and 75.7% combined work with schooling.

I also found this one common in Zambia in urban areas stone crushing, in my community this at one time was so heavy, that the children who were invlved in the work could not attend schools, there was some interventions through Jesus Cares Ministry through ILO to put back these children in school. it was both garl child and boy child.

Yes there are youths among them and what we did in our community was to work with Jesus Cares Ministy through ILO's support to empower Youths with Livelihoohs or skills that would enable these youths who have not been to school and some who drpoed from school, I remember one parent who came to my office bring her son so we could train him in carpentry, the father is a security guard and during day time he and the wife crashes stone just to make ends meet so we enrolled their son who was at 15 yrs old this son was adropout from school in grade 3. so what I did was I recommende for a training of two years since the boy could not read or write. but was able to get instruction. so we trained about 10 of these 2 we retained them in our carpentry department some have been employed as they come to my office they regard me as a second parent. Now those who have not such an opportunity end up in streets and sometimes in child labour which at the end of their lives affect them as they beggin to leave in the streets and can not contribute to the grouth of our economy.

RABROD (talk)03:33, 4 March 2011

Hi Rabrod,

Thanks for the elaboration on the situation in Zambia. You may also be interested in looking at the CSO child labour survey report of 2005 and the Understanding Children's Work report of 2009 which was shared with JCM. There was a subsequent survey by CSO in 2008, the results of which we are all anxiously waiting to be released. The experiences from your direct interventions will be of particular interest in further discussions to come. For now, please join in the next discussion.

Lungowe (talk)21:37, 4 March 2011