Child labour in your context

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I grew up spending vacations with my mum at Yeji in Ghana (a town just like Siavonga in Zambia) The common trade of the people were fishing and the owners of such businesses used mainl child labour. The children are contrated for between two and three years. At the end of the contract, the fee is paid to the parents. The conditions these little children live and work in is so inhuman that the children are affected psychologically, mentally, physically, etc.

Also, on the streets of major cities, you see children selling all kings of things while others are used as porters in markets.

Pkakorsu (talk)09:17, 20 April 2011

I grew up in farming community in the western part of Ghana, where the children are deemed to be a blessing of God to help in farming. The more children you have, the better it is for increasing the farm size. Children are used for weeding, collecting fire wood, harvesting at the expense of their education.

Agyapongdan (talk)07:49, 21 April 2011

Child labour is serious especially in the streets of our towns we see children selling different kinds of goods and products. May i just say child labour should be discouraged at cost in compromises the quality of products for those that are production.

Ckluchembe (talk)16:30, 23 April 2011