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student worthiness[edit]

Can you call it tested yet? Are you happy with the results?

Area covered[edit]

Let's tuck in seedling morphology, germination, experimental science. Remember that although you are testing temperature etc, this system could be used to test a wide range of parameters you may not have considered. So drop in a suggestion that other factors could be tested.


fertilizer: add a note encouraging folks to follow the directions on the package.

Handout looks good[edit]

description of activity[edit]

  • add a mention of measurement.
  • Give all of your photographs a numbered caption:Figure 1. Examples of beans germinating in a bag You can then refer to them by number in the text (Fig 1)

lesson plan[edit]

  • Paragraph 2. grammar check
  • first bullet point Miracle grow for example.....add importance of labeling
  • third bullet: grammar
  • bullets 4 & 6 spelling


list full citations of books you have in mind


Formatting citations[edit]

80px-Wikineighbour V2.png

To insure that a reader can reliably track down the specific book or article you intended, it is useful to provide the following information:

  • Author(s) (last name followed by first initials; secondary authors: initials followed by last name); year; Book title or article title; publisher (for books) or Periodical title (for articles); volume and page numbers (both for articles)

Formatted examples:

  • Brown, M.W. and C. Hurd. 1947. Goodnight Moon. Harper.
  • Bentley, W.A. 1905. Studies of raindrops and raindrop phenomena. Monthly weather review. 32. 450

Once changes have been made, delete the following text: {{citations}}


looking very good

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