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This looks great! A few suggestions:

  1. I think a photograph of the assembled ice cream maker would be great. We have all of the ingredients on hand still, so this should be a breeze.
  2. Mention food pyramid in the Biological content covered section.
  3. Materials: Add a size for the jar (we have some with labels still on)
  4. Half and Half; this is a common US ingredient; give broader description to work internationally. Full cream will work diluted by half with milk perhaps.
  5. Point out that this can be done with full cream, or even whole milk. The texture and taste just changes
  6. Handouts: If there are none, then delete this section. Add the food pyramid (look in our).
  7. Give fairly exact quantities of ice (and salt as you have done) even if you need to redo the experiment. This is of crucial importance because just any old quantity won't necessarily work. Also, it is of importance to stress that the salt be added right before the bag of ingredients is plopped in.
  8. ....may be harmful.... it is important to stress that we used salt specifically recommended for the purpose. I would remove the piece suggesting that it may be harmful, and replace it with a statement that only salts recommended for this be used. Most important, make it clear that other ice-melt products should not be used.
  9. Additional math connection: Because a teacher would have salt and ice on hand, why not make up a series of containers with ice and a range of salt concentrations. They can then graph the melting point on a vertical axis and salt on the horizontal.
  10. Literature connections: please add the full citation from each text to your citations section.

Formatting citations[edit]

80px-Wikineighbour V2.png

To insure that a reader can reliably track down the specific book or article you intended, it is useful to provide the following information:

  • Author(s) (last name followed by first initials; secondary authors: initials followed by last name); year; Book title or article title; publisher (for books) or Periodical title (for articles); volume and page numbers (both for articles)

Formatted examples:

  • Brown, M.W. and C. Hurd. 1947. Goodnight Moon. Harper.
  • Bentley, W.A. 1905. Studies of raindrops and raindrop phenomena. Monthly weather review. 32. 450

Once changes have been made, delete the following text: {{citations}}

Dmccabe (talk)15:08, 7 April 2009