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This is looking very good. Some suggested changes:



Your page contains spelling errors. To improve it, please spell check. If you use Firefox, it contains a spell checker. Alternatively, edit the entire page, copy and paste the content into a word processing document, fix the spelling (being careful not to change any formats in the document, and then paste it back into the wiki. Don't forget to save your changes! Once changes have been made, you should delete the text ''{{Spell}}''from your page.


Brand names[edit]

Please keep in mind that this is an international resource. So, by all means list the product brands that you used along with the registered trademark symbol (which you may cut and paste from here), but also include a generic description of the product. Product names should be capitalized. Examples:

  • Dixie® cups (4 oz waxed paper cups)
  • Karo® syrup (clear corn syrup)

Non brand-name local terms like soda, pop, or minerals can be replaced with a more global terms like carbonated beverage or soft drink and the use of the registered trade mark symbol (®) is not needed. Once changes have been made, you should delete the text ''{{Brands}}''from your page.


Your handout should be a numbered figure in the same format as your other figures.

Math and hypothesis testing connections[edit]

It would be important to introduce the concepts of buoyancy. I would also suggest adding a note suggesting weighing 1ml of each liquid to illustrate that a ml of oil does not weigh as much as a ml of water etc. Students could then weigh each liquid and hypothesize the order in which the rainbow will settle out.

Literature connections[edit]

Let's expand on this and give more details on how you plan to use the literature

Citations and links[edit]

Let's add some more links on density and flotation. Perhaps some links to other activities that explore these concepts.

Dmccabe (talk)01:18, 7 April 2009