Causes of child labour

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Shining star an all,
I just want to throw the spanner to the work hoping that my boss Victor will not delete this post since I believe that this is a valid question; can child labour be justifiable in any circumstances? I take your example of that little child selling out bananas and your action to buy from the child knowing very well that you are advancing child labour- the advocate you are, regardless.
Look at this scenario, a child is orphaned and is at the age of 17 and has two siblings who have nobody else to look upto; of course we know that our respective societies can be very cruel to orphans. This young teenager mobilises little resources to start a hawking business where he manages a meal for his siblings...... of course this is child labour but with a different circumstance. Would we frown at this or congratulate it as innovation when we look at the contribution of this child in securing a future for his siblings? Or is child labour evil. period!

Marcosmburu (talk)04:52, 8 March 2011