Causes of child labour

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Though this not under discussion

I think these can be the solutions of child labour

There are no maginal solutions but if a collective effort is taken, conditions may improve.

Parents - should be provided financial help : this will make them more sensitive towards their children . Imparting basic education skills All the schools should be opened for abondoned child labourers. This will enable them to focus on their education

Law enforcement agencies

Should be made active . This would deter employees from employing them underage. Social revolution is the biggest key . Once |Media mobilizes biggest key. once media mobilizes the society ,the practice shall stop .

Thus it is essential that the economic condintions should be imporved for the child labor to stop .When parents would think of sending their children to school as compared to mines and factories, but a social revolution at basic level is needed where every one of us should refuse to employ an underage domestic help. Children are the future dreams of every notion. Let us pledge to make to make their childhood safe and secure.


Koziba (talk)23:14, 9 April 2011