Causes of child labour

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Child labour in most countries can or is caused by the high poverty levels of families,Poverty is the main causes of child labour, Poor parents send their children to work, not out of choice but for reasons of economic expediency. As well as one being orphaned hence having to engage in it, lack of financial support from guardians.

our government here in Botswana is trying by almeans to help overcome poverty hence preventing child labour but in a way someway somehow one might find herself involve in child labour due to some things which are beyond or control , I had to find myself at some point doing some piece jobs during my school vacation in order to meet my siblings needs .

But let me tell you the truth right now I wish I can go back to my young age and enjoy to be a child , because I think I grow up so fast , I didn't go through some stages which some children went through , I always wish my parents were still alive by then and i could have not gone through what I went through.


Koziba (talk)01:10, 24 March 2011