Categorising the Warrington School page

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I've been working on categorisation on WikiEducator -- see our project pages at Workgroup:Categories.

It is my view that every school and institution represented on WikiEducator should have a category that collects all of the pages related to the school. Warrington School is one of a handful of schools that has a category. (In fact, I took the liberty awhile back to add category codes to the Warrington School navigator to be transcluded to each page containing the navigator--so the category now includes a nice listing of relevant pages.)

What I'd like to suggest is that rather than have the Warrington School main page categorised in Category:Primary Education, Category:New Zealand, Category:OERNZ School Portal and Category:Linux Users, that Category:Warrington School be added to each of these categories as a subcategory. Creating these links from one category to another enriches the whole category structure. It seems redundant to have both the Warrington School main page and Category:Warrington School in each of these categories, so I recommend that the main page be removed, in favor of the subcategory.

WE have not achieved consensus around these ideas of subcategorisation, so I wanted to check with the authors of this page, to see what you think of the idea.



ASnieckus (talk)15:18, 1 February 2010