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Hi Trish,

Wow, I'm enjoying sharing in your adventures at the bottom of the world!

One of the areas of WikiEducator that I've been working on is categorisation (see our project pages at Workgroup:Categories. (Some basics about categories is available at Help:Category.)

I'm wondering if we should create a category to collect all of your Antarctica, Exploration ICEBLOCK resources into one place. We can also categorise specific pages into other specific relevant categories. Categories are one way that people will find your pages in the future.

The name of the category should be specific to the pages. What about Category:Antarctica, Exploration ICEBLOCK? Or, maybe include your name Category:Trisha's adventures in Antarctica? I thought about creating it myself, but I really think you should choose the wording.

Adding a category to a page is simple. Add the code [[Category:Whatever topic name]] to the page, typically at the bottom.

But this can be quite tedious if there are a lot pages. Another option is to have the category transcluded to the page via a template. In looking around at your pages, I think they all include Template:Antarctica_nav so you could include a category on the template that would be implemented for each page.

The code to add to the template would look something like:

<includeonly>[[Category:Whatever topic name|{{SUBPAGENAME}}]]</includeonly>

<noinclude>[[Category:Whatever topic name|τ]]</noinclude>

The section after the pipe is a sort key that specifies the order of the category listing. The first listing is transcluded into the Antarctica pages (causing each page to be sorted according to its subpage name, although mostly you don't have subpages, I think it will sort by the lowest level page). The second listing categorises the template page into the category under the Greek letter tau.

Then we can categorise this new category to be a subcategory of other categories: Category:Warrington School,Category:Antarctica, and maybe Category:OERNZ Primary school, and whatever subjects you think appropriate: Category:Biology? Category:Ecology and Environment? and/or something we don't have yet.

One of the action items for the categories workgroup is to figure out how to work with authors to implement categories. What do you think of this approach? I'm happy to do the categorisation, but wanted your thoughts on naming and relevant connections first. Thanks for your thoughts on this.

Regards, Alison

ASnieckus (talk)04:53, 13 December 2009